the critics on

"the soundtracks"
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This is weird, I've got to say.
The valuable instruments are sure to strike you.
But what grips your heart is stream of the strange chords.
This orchestra is weirdo.

(Shunsuke Kida / composer ABRIR co.,ltd)

No plagiarise, please.

(the soundtracks)

Interesting. Well,I love it.

(Keisuke Date / TV director)

I like the lightness and funniness of the music on your site.
And very especially I like the high tune women voice
drifting over the jazzy-background.

( Oliver Griem / Video-Artist)

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It's kind of happened to find
little something I used to love,
put away in the bottom of my drawer for a long time
But I'm still in love with it,you know.
I really expect them a lot.

(yue / singer,actress,model)
"till dawn" featuring YUE

roots & favorite

Swing out sister,MarcosValle,MardenHill,
the NBC mystery movie,secret agent man,
startrek,mission impossible,

(the soundtracks / T.Oka)

Here they come to save love.
Bring us "the soundtracks-bomb"

(Hyou Shishido / Writer)

The other day I found myself deeply in love with "the soundtracks". their sense of making music is obviosly outstanding.

(Takuji Toda / Tsutsujigaoka forein langage school)

Off-side trap in the musicians' union.

(Hirofumi Asakawa
/ Captain of the foot ball team,THE BOOKERS)

'Hey honey,
tell us your favourite musicians.You know,
I'm sort of fed up
with those shitty music these days.
Anyone in particular ? .
'Nino Rota ?' 'He's dead.'
'Ennio Mricone?' 'Too old.'
"the soundtracks"?'
Yeah,that's it! That's the one.
Let's go and get CD!'
'it's not yet available,darling.'

(Tomizava Takajosky / film critic)

'Do you happen to know
"the soundtracks",daddy ?'
'Off course, my son.
They' re friends of mine.'
'Good Got! Friends of yours ?
I've never been so proud of you,
daddy.' 'HA,ha,ha !'

(Hidetaka Abe / comedian)

Well,I could play one of those, if they want me to. Though,
they aren't my favourite.

(Eiji Takubo / cable radio)

nostalgic space trek

"till dawn" featuring YUE

the critics on

"the soundtracks"

by Tomizava Takajosky


We want female vocal solo &・・・

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